April 29, 2010

Spring Crafting

So back in august of 2007 I made a post about an octopus project I was working on. I used to make little voodoo dolls and monsters like this before meeting polymer clay.

Well the thing has been sitting around in place to place, all half painted and sad looking for far too long. I've finally brought it to my newest apartment in hopes of at least giving it some eyes.

It's in desperate need of a little texture as well. I'm thinking of adding some polymer clay eyes and suction cups. I think its a little over painted to ever place for sale but I can't stand keeping it the way that it is. What exactly does this have to do with polymer clay?!?! dick squat... so far. just wait :D

April 23, 2010

Starting a Newsletter

I've been wanting to make a newsletter for beatblack for some time now. Thanks to the mysterious free internet at my house all of a sudden, I'm finally gettin 'er done. Thank you neighbor :)

It's going to be sent out monthly and highlight some of the usual newsletttery goodness. Every month I'll show you whats been freshly listed, offer an exclusive to newsletter peeps only coupon, updates on any local shows I'll be vending at, a sneak peek into any new themes or ideas for my jewelry as well as anything else that seems interesting or relevant at the time.

If your in just click on this link or the picture below to sign up. It's all legit so no worries about being spammed. You can also painlessly opt out at any time you want.

I'm new to this so if there's anything you want to see or especially do not want to see, I'd love to know.

April 20, 2010

Alice's Handmade Wonderland

Its hard not to notice how big of a deal alice in wonderland has become lately. Some people adore it, others are maddened by it but whether its your cup of tea or not, I've just added to the pot. Below are only a few of the most intriguing pieces I've come across on my searches.

1: Steampunk small zipper pouch [WastedWishes.etsy.com]
2: Leather Cat Mask [teonova.etsy.com]
3: Alice and The White Rabbit [blackeyedsuzie.etsy.com]
4: Drink Me [FiveSisterz.etsy.com]
5: White Rabit Candy Bucket [LeFrenchCircus.etsy.com]
6: Teacup Ring [bionicunicorn.etsy.com]
7: The Caterpillar [JustinErickson.etsy.com]
8: Mini Mad Hatter [MadHattery.etsy.com]
9: Talking Roses OOAK [ODDandWHIMSY.etsy.com]
10: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum [cartbeforethehorse.etsy.com]

April 16, 2010

Another Bizarre Toronto Craft Show!!

Hope to see some of you there on April 25th!!

Started by Creepy Christine and continued by Plastik Wrap, the Bazaar of the Bizarre has been a constant successful show in Toronto. All you have to do is read my previous posts on this show to know how much I adore it.

Its full of all sorts of strange, curious, beautiful, freaky and unusual items. If your not local or just can't make it I've tried to link to as many of the vendors as I could below. The talent is certainly worth a check out:

Plastik Wrap
Kaotic Ekko's
Clockwork Zero
Random Pretty things
ChiZine Publication
Beat Black *
Dirty Little Secrets
Eden Bachelder Fine Art
Imaginary Thomas
Sci Feye Candy
The Original Face.ca
BinarySoul Design
To Die For Designs
Roxy Swing Creations
Skye Castle Publishing Co.
Plastik Haar/Neko designs
Sew Scary
The Circus Store
Sadistic Vanity
The Generation
The Gnarled Branch
Sick on Sin
Garden Dub
Dreaming Tree Paper Company Zom-b
Zirco Circus
Creepy Christine
Jenuinekraft by Jenny Kuri
Papersnake Jewelry
Pamela Williams
Epidemic Clothing Collective
Cyclops and Owl
Positive Spin
and Storming the base

April 14, 2010

It Gets Weirder

Since getting my belly button pierced I've seen my fair share of belly lint. It comes in all shades of gray and a whole slew of soft blobby looking shapes. Kind of like having my own simple lint farm where the only maintenance required is to wear a shirt. Yup that's right... In addition to making jewelry, I'm also a farmer.

With an introduction like that its quite plain to see why I fell in love with this linty siamese bear I found on Etsy. I nearly squealed when I saw the thing. The creators name is Rachel Betty Case and she runs her shop under the name bettyraecase.

In addition to lint she also utilizes human finger nails in some of her pieces, like the ones below. Anyone who follows regretsy may recognize her cockroach pendant from a long ago post. Personally I have to admire anyone who is willing to work with such controversial mediums.

The only thing missing is some hair