April 23, 2010

Starting a Newsletter

I've been wanting to make a newsletter for beatblack for some time now. Thanks to the mysterious free internet at my house all of a sudden, I'm finally gettin 'er done. Thank you neighbor :)

It's going to be sent out monthly and highlight some of the usual newsletttery goodness. Every month I'll show you whats been freshly listed, offer an exclusive to newsletter peeps only coupon, updates on any local shows I'll be vending at, a sneak peek into any new themes or ideas for my jewelry as well as anything else that seems interesting or relevant at the time.

If your in just click on this link or the picture below to sign up. It's all legit so no worries about being spammed. You can also painlessly opt out at any time you want.

I'm new to this so if there's anything you want to see or especially do not want to see, I'd love to know.


Lois said...

Can't wait to get it! I love your style and I really like the links to other things you like as well. I think we're more alike than I thought!

haina said...