August 20, 2008

That Fifties Love

This is just one of the beautifully styled bathings suits in bettieb's shop. She clearly loves this retro style and I have to say I'm also quite the fan. You can expect to see another post mentioning this suit as its inspired a dress design that I'm currently working on completing. soooo in love with it.

The designer, Nikki B, claims to use very high quality fabric imported from Italy and only makes limited quantities of her swimwear. So if you see something you like now, pick it up! and then tell me all about it :)

August 11, 2008

Wild Ones

The greatest thing about Leopard Print is that its for eeeeeeeveryone. So whether you like it trashy or classy, these sellers have got you covered:

1: Resin Skull Necklace []
2: LEOPARD LARGE print Wide headband []
3: Leopard - 2 hair clips []
4: Lizzie leopard print tie sided knickers []
5: Hooded Leopard Print Jacket []
6: Velvety Snow Leopard Vest Custom Fit []
7: Leopard Skull Necklace []
8: Angel Wing / Leopard Cameo Pendant []
9: Natural Pair Leopard Heart Barrettes []

August 6, 2008


Check out the style of these next few pieces. Could you even have guessed that they were all made from wood? Very unique items if you ask me and there's many more where that came from!

The name is porkchopshow and with all the sales he's seen you've most likely already come across his shop a time or two. Thats right I did say he and it wasn't even a typo this time! Anyways, I only rarely browse for supplies so this one is completely new to me.

August 2, 2008

Another one for the steampunk genre

This new featured seller has a knack for creating dark fantasy-like items. ettadiem makes all sorts of pieces from prints to purses to crafts all with the same beautifully dark themes.

Shes also a member of the Etsy Dark Side Street Team :)