June 26, 2008


I'm stoked to have come across this next Esty sellers work.

Kmye truly has a gift for creating the most beautiful, dark and feminine portraits. The hair, poses and clothing all form such a perfect balance. Just by browsing her shop I feel inspired to open my sketch book and start making some croquis.

Looks like she has brains too! Kmye is currently finishing up her biology studies and will be starting her PhD in September.

<3 <3 <3

June 23, 2008

Spotty Dots

Its Polka doted madness in this post featuring eight Etsy sellers from a range of different talents. No matter what your looking for, you'll probably find it with dots if you look in the right places. Or maybe you'd rather see stripes?

1: PARIS Magic Tags [poshpaisley.etsy.com]
2: Rochelle Birthday Card [christinawilliams.etsy.com]
3: mini frame pouch [oktak.etsy.com]
4: May I See You Again Miss Bernhard - 5x7 Fine Art Photo [Buttonhead.etsy.com]
5: Rosalie - Original Papercut [bittystarr.etsy.com]
6: Red Polka-Dot Flowers-Original Watercolor Painting 8x10 [printmakerjenn.etsy.com]
7: 3 ring set 18mm adjustable [Fluffington.etsy.com]
8: The Kyle Dress [missbrache.etsy.com]

June 17, 2008

Eye Candy

This first ones on reserve but bonzie's shop has many more items up for sale. Her inventory's not at all limited to corsets. She also sells jackets, dresses and accessories.

Theres a certain aged look to her pieces that I just adore. Bonzie uses upcycled clothing, thrifted trinkets, fabric and her own special skills acquired from an apprenticeship with a corsetierre and an intership with a Paris designer!

drool away my readers, drool away

June 14, 2008

In Your Head,

Zombie, Zombie, Zombie...

A Cranberries song from way too long ago is what I first thought of when I saw this pendant. All the jewelry in viennahorses shop is very clean looking and intensely unique. It doesn't look like shes listing as often as she once has. I feel a little like I'm creeping through a haunted setting when I'm browsing through her sold items.

Theres something so strange about it all.

June 11, 2008

Nipple what-a-whats?!?

mmmhmmm, thats right. This post is all about the more than affordable nipple pasties in gothfoxdesigns's shop. And if, for even a single second you think you have no desire for these pasties then I invite you take a peek at her photography. I think you'll change your mind :)

These photos will give you another reason to enjoy being a woman. Or, if you have a penis, it will give you another reason to love being a man.

Heres a link that I think all you burlesque lovers will appreciate:
Dita Von Teese

The youtube link was disabled so its the best I could do. You wont be disapointed

June 7, 2008

I'll Get You!!

Again with the fish?! I know and I'll let it rest after this post... At least until the next time I post about fish.

This ones extra peculiar. It's missing an eye and not just because its dead and sunken in but because it was born that way. It's also encased in wax and strung on a necklace but hang out on Etsy long enough and you'll realize that just about anything can be turned into a necklace. This one was created by Ms. silentcheesecake who also sells other dead things like bugs and octopus.


In other news, I was tagged by the most beautiful avatar today. Thank You nuvonova (dag nabit)
so here I go...

Seven random facts, lets get this over with shall we?

Number 1: I'm incredibly lucky and if you touch me you'll win the lottery
Number 2: I don't like eating those pancakes from a box
Number 3: I'm watching a Marilyn Monroe movie right now and I don't like it but the clothes make it watchable
Number 4: Fish make me cringe
Number 5: Theres a framed 8 x 10 photo of a man in my apartment but I don't know who he is. No one does.
Number 6: I like to go to the beach often but rarely ever swim when I'm there
Number 7: I love to eat cookie dough and bacon on the same plate. (my heart hates me)

That wasn't as horrible as I expected it to be. As much as I would love to tag seven more people, Im even lazier than you nuvonova, and I'd rather just let this one die :)

June 5, 2008


I totally sell banners now. Yesterday I finally decided to create a third shop and I called her BettyBanner. If you an Etsy seller convo me because I really want to make your banner!!

All these guys are only $3 plus the fonts can be mixed and matched. If any of you guys needs a banner, project wonderful ad, blog heading or anything else I can't think of let me know! I enjoy making them :)

June 3, 2008

"Todays Special"

I am in love again...

This time with these mannequins from nostalgiccorner's Etsy shop. They're entirely out of my price range but I still enjoy the window shopping. Perhaps one day when I've given up on Etsy and jewelry making all together I'll be able to afford one.

I can already imagine my leopard necklace hanging on the bottom right ones neck. Shes my favorite and I've named her Betty

June 1, 2008

Oh Boy!

Another month has passed which means its time once again to feature another talented dark Etsian. This months award goes to a strange, fairy taleish photography shop going by the name of ellemoss

"I love to process my images as much as I love to take them. I am always looking for the extraordinary among the ordinary. I am a dedicated self portrait artist who is drawn to dreamy, surreal images with vintage qualities and charming details."

That quotes was taken from her profile and I'd say it just about sums things up :)