March 31, 2008

I Have Bitten the Rolo Oeuf

Yes thats right. Exactly 2 bites of my HUGEST chocolate thingy ever are sitting in my stomach right now. (At least thats where I hope they went) Speaking of eating candy, the photo below is one I've taken from the shop of another candy eater. Her site is and if you can't already tell she takes the eeriest of eerie photos. Smacshop is also my newest featured seller...

She really deserves props for turning everyday scenes we take for granted into something more using her camera and mad skills. When you stop by her shop be sure to also check out her Porky, Bathroom Noir and Legs listings.

March 25, 2008

Sha Blam!

Junk mail can be fun when your a kid and its the only mail your mother hands you. When you grow up and have your own place however, your wrist can get uber sore from having to toss that stuff out.

I highly doubt that I've won $1,000,000 from a Spanish lottery that I never played in. Or that your company that I've never heard of before has any business sending me "urgent" letters.

Well, I bring good news! This creeptaular beauty of a tree to the left of me was made from 100% shredded up junk mail. Not only does this seller get to have the satisfaction of tearing it up, she makes OOAK tree sculptures from it. You can visit Rachael's shop for her sculptures, cards or prints at

March 24, 2008

Biggest Chocolate Ever

Rockabilly? Pinup? Horror? Flapper? the list goes on and on at where you can choose from over 1,000 listings. Yes its a little overwhelming but thank God this seller keeps organized sections! I think I made it to page 6 before I decided I had my three most favoritist picked out. The middle one looks like one of the zombies from the movie "Fido"...

Has anyone seen that movie? its a strange one. On a side note I got the HUGEST chocolate thingy for Easter yesterday!! it's a Rolo Egg and I've yet to take a bite. I probably opened its package a few separate times today just to hold it in my hand and be amazed at its size and weight. When the novelty wears off I'm going to need a fork and knife to eat it.