August 30, 2007

All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

Maybe this picture reminds you of seller lousieblack? When I found my first item from fellow Etsian aishiteruhoney, I was so excited to dive into her shop. It did not disapoint. Filled with dark accesories, this shop has alot of great looking items for more than resonable prices.

If i had that hat id only take it off to shower or to scratch my head.

click on the link to visit aishiteruhoney's shop

August 25, 2007

1000 words

Here I've posted a fine art print from irenesuchocki's shop. It captures an older, run down house. I find it interesting how this place was captured during daylight hours with pretty flowers in front but still remains an eerie photo. The black that frames the edges really makes it for me. It's called Past Lives:

There are 6 pages of photos in Irene's shop, each one drawing you in with a different story.

August 19, 2007

Spotlight on Lampreia

Hooray! Its time for another Featured Seller and this next one goes to... Lampreia!, for turning an already great picture into an even finer work of art. It's one of the first sellers I ever visited on Etsy, and an instant favorite. Theres a good variety of both subject and print size in this shop and the sections make it very easy to navigate.

and guess what else... Lampreia is male! I'm sure theres some folks out there that know what I mean. Its hard to find men on Etsy. They're like pandas in the wild.

If you want to visit this seller go to:

August 16, 2007

Another Interesting Find

Ever notice the stripes that are easily associated with eerie
characters? hard not to...

Meet Puck.

Puck was created by a an Etsy artist from Brooklyn and if you can't make out the watermark, more of her work can be found at

-Would even make a popular baby shower gift for the special someone-

August 12, 2007

"I So Happy!" -Quina

LOOK WHAT I JUST WON!!! ...and aren't you jealous? VINTAGE TYPEWRITER KEY KEYCHAIN by KeysandMemories

its so pretty and i couldn't be more excited about it right now. out of all the contests iv taken part in this one is the only item up for grabs that i would consider right up my alley. i love the vintage look of it and i know my boyfriend will to. Shane if your reading this,,,LOOK WHAT I JUST WON!!!

she has lots of other great stuff to:

check her out at for more

August 11, 2007

Do You Ever Get The Feeling?

that someones watching you? This necklace reminds me of the movie Hocus Pocus. The magic spell book had an evil eye that would move around and blink. I used to have a crush on that virgin boy who lit the candle. There was a cat with nine lives? does anyone know what movie I'm talking about? It plays every year sometime around Halloween and I watch it just about every time.

This necklace came from the brain of the Etsy Seller,

My treasury's pretty much dyeing right now. The first one made it to the page 1, but this ones stuck on page 6 and its time is running out fast!

August 8, 2007

Not Your Typical Fairy

First of, well done to emerald212's husband who made this Fairy Fossil. There's a couple more different ones available at her Etsy site if you want to put one in your garden or even your home.

I don't know about you, but when I try to picture this guy without skin, I can imagine something that more closely resembles a bug than a fairy.

I'm sure if it were to star in an animated film, it would be the annoying, full of energy, eat with its hands kind of fairy. It's so creepy looking, I had to include it in this blog despite the watermarks.

You will be mine one day creepy fairy fossil. I shall put you on the fence I don't yet have beside the flowers that don't yet exist.

August 7, 2007

On Sale

I found these earrings in SchroederSisters shop last night while I was searching Etsy. I can't think of a single place I could wear them but I want to own them just the same.

Maybe I could hang them on a christmas tree?

"Folky Girl Next Door Twins (OOAK Earrings) ON SALE"

August 6, 2007

Up and Coming

I thought I'd take a photograph of something I've been cooking up, here's my newest 8 legged friend. He doesn't have any skin in this picture but who doesn't love naked things?

Hes a deep red now and will be ready for Etsy shortly... I hope.

It Begins

and the first featured Etsy seller is.... louiseblack.

It may be an obvious choice for some but others will hopefully see it as a new seller to fall in love with. You can really feel her passion for her craft through all the detail in her merchandise. Even the pictures she takes are worth the visit. she has many other brilliant items up for sale and multiple sites so go check her out on Etsy!

Its hard to believe shes only been doing it since 2000.

A Blog Is Born!

So my blog's design isn't nearly complete. I guess I'm just posting out of curiosity. For anyone who's reading, here's what you can expect from my blog in the future:

o Featured Seller - every two weeks
o Interesting items from the dark side
o Updates on my shop
o A better layout!-fonts, colours, etc...

I'll basically post em as I see em.