December 24, 2008

I'm Doing It...

ok Dudes and Dudettes! a new year is quickly approaching so in addition to hunting down a job (fingers crossed for a not crap one), I've decided to give myself an Etsy raise! Come January 1st there will be a few minor price increases in my shop.

I'm just putting it out there now to prepare... myself really. It wont be a huge difference or anything. Just a little something something, ya know? and now that its in a post there will be no backing out of it :)

December 21, 2008

Mi Casa, Su Casa

Theres a definite theme going on here in burningriverart shop and its a clever little one if I do say so myself. Each piece looks as though its telling a story from some long ago time.

The artist is Tina, a mother and wife who lives in Cleveland, Ohio. She received her master's degree in fine art from Bowling Green State University, where she specialized in digital art with a secondary focus in traditional printmaking.

Her creations are like settings from from a tale you'd watch on Jim Henson's Storyteller. If you've yet to have the privilege of watching this show I suggest you take a moment to download an episode. Its entirely worth your time!

Its unmistakably transparent that shes good at what she does and I wish her much success for her future on Etsy.

December 15, 2008

For All Ages

It was love at first sight when I opened crankbunny's Etsy shop. Her paper creations beamed with such intense personality. They're like characters in a whimsical movie, Labyrinth perhaps?

There was a book long ago that I used to take from the library time and time again. My room was its second home. I don't remember the name of it but it was a mystery picture book. You find clues on each page which lead you closer to solving the final puzzle. I wasn't old enough to understand it at the time but I still loved the idea. This shop brings it all back.

...I wish I knew the name of that damn book! Anyways, bore story aside, her timeless style is one that can easily be adored by many. So much to see in her shop <3

December 10, 2008

Random Recipe

I've been meaning to share this video for some time. I thought this was a good place to list it, amongst the artsy folk who can really appreciate it...

It's one of those inspirational types. All I could think about was the polymer clay video I wanted to make next! This guys got other videos too. His user name is PESfilm over at youtube and he rocks my world :)

December 3, 2008

Two Moons are Better Than One

This months featured seller is a psychologist who enjoys playing with a few different mediums/themes. Her shop name is WinonaCookie. The Winona comes from the name of an imaginary friend she used to have and the cookie... who doesn't love cookies?

This piece of art is displayed on a jewelry box and available for purchase in High Definition... er, I mean WinonaCookie's shop :)