October 18, 2009

An unexpected CinderHella Story...

BEHOLD! The coolest dress ever known to man along side some of the most rad Etsy finds. Don't they just make your heart flutter? *swoon* You know, now that I'm seeing it all together its kind of like a Gothic Cinderella story.... CinderHella if you will.

CinderHella's the headless one with the skeletor dress. Her step sisters take opposite corners on the bottom and they all live in an orangey lit trailer. The soap represents her daily life of chores while its only obvious that the pumpkin faerie be the godmother (and the carriage for that matter). The boy in the striped hat is the prince and the eye necklace being the only thing left must be the... eye she... leaves behind? um, *cough*

1: Im Off to See the World print [KatHannah.etsy.com]
2: Needle Felted Faerie [AnnaBelleArts.etsy.com]
3: A Watchful Eye Pendant [TrashAndTrinkets.etsy.com]
4: The Dell no. 2 Print [NestaUsa.etsy.com]
5: macabre skeleton dress [smarmyclothes.etsy.com]
6: Mini Jack and Jill [onlygooddreams.etsy.com]
7: Jurassic Amber Soap [amandalouise.etsy.com]
8: Devil Girl [loopyboopy.etsy.com]

October 10, 2009

My Favorite Craft Show Approaches

Its a show I've been anticipating for an entire year. One that displays the handcrafted goodies of the strange, the macabre and the whimsical all under one roof. Its called the Bazaar of the Bizarre.

If your in or around the Toronto area on October the 25th, this year you'll also have the chance to enter a draw for a loot basket. It'll be quite the prize, featuring items from some of the vendors listed on this site: http://www.thebazaarofthebizarre.org/vendors.php

I've even thrown in one of these Neuro Necklaces

Last year I attended as a new vendor with no idea what to expect... and my table looked like ass. This year I started early with hopes of being able to sleep the night before :)

counting down the days