August 8, 2007

Not Your Typical Fairy

First of, well done to emerald212's husband who made this Fairy Fossil. There's a couple more different ones available at her Etsy site if you want to put one in your garden or even your home.

I don't know about you, but when I try to picture this guy without skin, I can imagine something that more closely resembles a bug than a fairy.

I'm sure if it were to star in an animated film, it would be the annoying, full of energy, eat with its hands kind of fairy. It's so creepy looking, I had to include it in this blog despite the watermarks.

You will be mine one day creepy fairy fossil. I shall put you on the fence I don't yet have beside the flowers that don't yet exist.


Pretty Fun said...

That fairy fossil is awesome. I am going to visit the store right now. Thanks for sharing.

... said...

hehe, im stoked that your stoked