June 5, 2008


I totally sell banners now. Yesterday I finally decided to create a third shop and I called her BettyBanner. If you an Etsy seller convo me because I really want to make your banner!!

All these guys are only $3 plus the fonts can be mixed and matched. If any of you guys needs a banner, project wonderful ad, blog heading or anything else I can't think of let me know! I enjoy making them :)


:-) MaryLou said...

Those are great! I love the way you have them displayed in the chunks of color like that. Best of luck with your new shop! :-)

Nessa Monster said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

The Success said...

Nice post
Thanks to drop Ecard to my blog

The Success

Anonymous said...

Very cute shop name.. and also, I have tagged you! Seven random facts about yourself please!

Modern Glam said...

Great banners, and the shop name is adorable! Good luck with it!

Viqi French said...

Excellent work and presentation!

Makes me consider opening a new Etsy shop, just so I can order one of these hot banners you have. ;-)