June 11, 2008

Nipple what-a-whats?!?

mmmhmmm, thats right. This post is all about the more than affordable nipple pasties in gothfoxdesigns's shop. And if, for even a single second you think you have no desire for these pasties then I invite you take a peek at her photography. I think you'll change your mind :)

These photos will give you another reason to enjoy being a woman. Or, if you have a penis, it will give you another reason to love being a man.

Heres a link that I think all you burlesque lovers will appreciate:
Dita Von Teese

The youtube link was disabled so its the best I could do. You wont be disapointed


Rosebud Collection said...

Now I have to give you credit..This was sure different reading..Good job.

BillyWarhol said...


My Penis is Thinking!!!


Seems to have a Brain of his own*

I used to love shooting the NorthBound Leather Shows at the Docks*

Toronto's Best Party of the Year by a Mile + the Fashions + Tunez + People were Rocking!!

These Goth Pasties are Fabulous*


Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

Okay... I have GOT to check this shop out!
☼ Rocki

Anonymous said...

I had a look at her shop and wow at the peacock ones!!

Sherry said...

cute :) but I think over here nobody would dare to wore unless for you honey. :)