August 6, 2008


Check out the style of these next few pieces. Could you even have guessed that they were all made from wood? Very unique items if you ask me and there's many more where that came from!

The name is porkchopshow and with all the sales he's seen you've most likely already come across his shop a time or two. Thats right I did say he and it wasn't even a typo this time! Anyways, I only rarely browse for supplies so this one is completely new to me.


Art By MAR said...

Wow--his creations are so unique. I never would have guessed they were made of wood.

Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

Ditto artbymar! He has a very unique and popular shop. I must share this one - thanks!

Bobbie Dawn said...

Hey there,

I just thought you should know that I am giving you a little feature tomorrow on my blog. I love, Love, LOVE your jewelry/creations.

Bobbie Dawn

Waterrose said...

Wow very cool! I haven't seen HIS stuff ...thanks for the introduction.

Rosebud Collection said...

Wow, they are something else..Never would have thought they were wood.

kim* said...

i did notice the medicine bottles were flat though :)

Michelle Gartner said...

I liked his laser cut fairies. i don't do traditional scrapbooking or hybrid anymore, but am entirely digital so I wouldn't buy them. But they are so cool- gives me some ideas I would like to implement on some digital pages.

Click on this link- it's a picture of one of the brooches I pulled from eBay after I was complaining on your blog about low ball bidders. It's dumb to fall in love with the merchandise but I like antique Egyptian revival a lot...

old brass brooch

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Soyun Park said...

Thanks for sharing this. What an awersome shop~

Anonymous said...

I love those medicine bottle ones!