April 29, 2010

Spring Crafting

So back in august of 2007 I made a post about an octopus project I was working on. I used to make little voodoo dolls and monsters like this before meeting polymer clay.

Well the thing has been sitting around in place to place, all half painted and sad looking for far too long. I've finally brought it to my newest apartment in hopes of at least giving it some eyes.

It's in desperate need of a little texture as well. I'm thinking of adding some polymer clay eyes and suction cups. I think its a little over painted to ever place for sale but I can't stand keeping it the way that it is. What exactly does this have to do with polymer clay?!?! dick squat... so far. just wait :D


dave w said...

You are bizarre. That's so cool.

Paul Gannaway said...

you KNOW I'm interested in this one! I might have to commission some for our wedding?

Limak Lara said...

Vowww. fantastic crafting really

(Shawny) Shawn Pedralba said...

I love how organic they look, especially the one in white.

divalovessilver said...

so cute! love it@!!

Beat Black said...

haha, thank you guys :) its still not done but I'm thinking of starting some more plushy pieces

belly said...

That thing is awesome!

Unknown said...

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