April 14, 2010

It Gets Weirder

Since getting my belly button pierced I've seen my fair share of belly lint. It comes in all shades of gray and a whole slew of soft blobby looking shapes. Kind of like having my own simple lint farm where the only maintenance required is to wear a shirt. Yup that's right... In addition to making jewelry, I'm also a farmer.

With an introduction like that its quite plain to see why I fell in love with this linty siamese bear I found on Etsy. I nearly squealed when I saw the thing. The creators name is Rachel Betty Case and she runs her shop under the name bettyraecase.

In addition to lint she also utilizes human finger nails in some of her pieces, like the ones below. Anyone who follows regretsy may recognize her cockroach pendant from a long ago post. Personally I have to admire anyone who is willing to work with such controversial mediums.

The only thing missing is some hair

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