September 5, 2008

Live in Toronto??

The Good Catch Old School Woolly Grooves is having a their Fall Craft Fair on Saturday, September the 13th. Guess who's gonna be a vender this year...

It's ME!!! (...and nine other incredibly talented artists)

It'll be a good time so if your in the area come check us all out. I'll even give you a free tootsie pop.

if I don't eat it first.
I'll probably eat it first.
you can have a lick?


Designing Hilary said...

Cool! I will be no where near the area, but take pictures. Hope you have a great show!

Michelle Gartner said...

Toronto - Wisconsin same difference... if gas prices didn't suck so bad I would tool around more up north... so how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

Anonymous said...

Ooh good luck with it!

..Love the featured artist too, I've just favourited her.