May 31, 2008

The Results Are In

When I made this poll I did it in a slight rush. In my haste I had forgotten a few key fears like clowns for one. Special thanks to Grizzly Mountain Arts for bringing that to my attention. That was a big oops on my part.

Also if you haven't read the comments under the Tobias "P-P-P-Poll" post, pollyannacowgirl brought up an interesting fear (as did a few others). She actually has a fear of barfing! How terrifying to have a fear like that so readily available. As if catching the flu or suffering a bad hangover weren't enough on their own!


Anonymous said...

My fear of barfing really isnt the barfing itself, its the choking and dying in the process. Everytime I get sick I wonder if Im going to depart this world Jimi Hendrix style :(


reptiles, hmmmm. surprised that is number one.