April 5, 2008

Finally Something Thats Uglier Than You Are :)

FISH. ew. ew. ew. Personally they scare the sense out of me. Nothing frightens me more then almost stepping on a fresh dead fish at the beach.

The worst nightmare's I've had are ones where I have to tip toe throw millions of flopping and dead goldfish in my parents backyard, or the ones where the fish are in the tank and then all of a sudden they're swimming in the air and all I can do it blow on them to keep em away while I back out of the room!!!

The blob fish above don't scare me, I just thought they look fucked up, almost human like with there lazy noses and open eyes. I bet they had nasally voices and said: "I'm hungry and stupid" a lot of the time. Thats why they were caught after all.

Ole bluey to the left of me, SCARY! Hes just floating, eyes open, staring, not blinking, STARING, scaley waiting to brush against your leg when you've finally forgotten about the fish in the lake water.
He's scheming right now. waiting, watching.

ALthough this next fish is artificial, (believe it or not) it was created from the cast of a real one. Its ceramic and was made from another Etsy artist who's shop is made up entirely of different species of fish. PiscesCeramics is the name of this shop thats run by a man who's been fascinated with the underwater world since he was a child. (Complete opposites we are)

This post has been brought to you by the letter I for Ichthyophobia.


Mixed Species said...

Is it us or does sushi sound REALLY good right now?

SecretMe said...

lol, dead fish are pretty nasty, I keep tropical fish, 2 parrot fish and a black shark, I love them so colourful. but some fish can be really hu- uglee

Caroline said...

Fish are definitely scary, but my primary "not my species" fear belongs to bugs and spiders. *shudder*

Christopher And Tia said...

*shudders*. Yuck. Those pictures gave me the creeps.

sMacThoughts said...

Those noses are riots! I have never seen such things!! They're like mafioso fish.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Dead fish are pretty nasty. I had the worse incident of a pesticide guy coming to the house and I losing my most prized koi in my pond. The stench of rotting fish on a hot summer day. Is something that I will never forget.

Those fish are quite bizarre!
I added you to my blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah - I love to eat fish not so much to look at tho...thanks for stopping by my blog today!
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Jewelicide said...

That first pic is scary and extremely ugly. This might create a new phobia for me.

AlasMyDear said...

ick. dead fish look gross on the beach. or anywhere else other than the supermarket.

strangely, fish on the supermarket shelves look yummy enough. there must be something a little mixed up about me!

Lost River Rags & CandleLights said...

Them so UGLY fish! lol Great story~!

rachel said...

AHH! That first picture royally gave me the creeps. But for some reason I started laughing... what's that supposed to mean? Anyway, on the plus side, I'm glad to have found your blog :)