August 12, 2007

"I So Happy!" -Quina

LOOK WHAT I JUST WON!!! ...and aren't you jealous? VINTAGE TYPEWRITER KEY KEYCHAIN by KeysandMemories

its so pretty and i couldn't be more excited about it right now. out of all the contests iv taken part in this one is the only item up for grabs that i would consider right up my alley. i love the vintage look of it and i know my boyfriend will to. Shane if your reading this,,,LOOK WHAT I JUST WON!!!

she has lots of other great stuff to:

check her out at for more


Banana-head Pancake said...

yay! congrats! that's so much fun!!

Nate's Wife said...

Lucky! I love her stuff, I have an "E" that inspires me to write.

Love yur shop, and love that featured seler, those corsets are CRAZY!

Nate's Wife said...

Nice spelling Nate's Wife, way to go....does anyone sell dunce caps?