May 8, 2009

Dessert from the Heavens

In researching textures and structures of real cupcakes and ice cream Ive stumbled upon something out right AMAZING. Not even in my most bizarre, sleep deprived days could I have come up with something this sweet. Brace yourself!! I present you with....

AN ICE CREAM CUPCAKE! ...Its incredible ain't it?

I'd love to meet the genius behind this idea of a cupcake plus ice cream. I don't yet have all the ingredients for this bad boy but I did manage to make my own cupcake creations.

Not really the same thing but close enough for today.

zombie plus cupcake isn't nearly as appetizing. Real looking cupcake and ice creams will be making their appearance shortly.


Anonymous said...

I like your work better though. The image of cupcake is cute, sure, but is becoming quite a cliche' on etsy, so yours is almost poking fun a that. That seems to me to be more what your work is about anyway...a bit of dark humor paired with garishness in a cute way. Like it!

Beat Black said...

thanks Nancy :) I do the cliche stuff to, haha but i have WAY more fun making the darker things.

Anonymous said...

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