October 28, 2008

Hooray for Face Paint!

I've been on the hunt and I will admit that its difficult to find the right shade of eye shadow for the right price. I like em bright and able to withstand a late night of whatever-ness. If your like me then it looks like there's hope for us lot.

While creeping in the forums I heard nothing but good things about coffincolor, so naturally I took a peek... The verdict? I'm very impressed with their price, shades and sense of humor! They have a range of colours with names like "Trailer Park Blue", "MMM... Brains!!" and "Gold Toof". Also as an added bonus they've included some very gorgeous, suicide girl-like ladies sporting their product.

If your a BUST Magazine reader be sure to pick up the current copy to see a feature on this lovely Etsy seller.


Christine said...

I love Coffin Color. My favorite is the Dead Flesh, which I had received as a sample with my original order of Mmmm...Brains. It's fantastic!

vanilla7 said...

coffin color.. I like the one called bloody mary, lovely color