May 27, 2008

Shes a Looker

I was cruising some of the dark art on Etsy when I came across this anatomy doll in kerrykate's shop. It, along with 100's of others, have been entirely designed and handmade by Kerry Kate herself. (der, it is Etsy afterall)

She also makes bags, pillows and sells prints of her paintings online. My first thought (and probably yours to) is that this would make the most perfect voodoo doll!

...that is if you could bring yourself to poke holes in this lovely piece of art.

Either way its a pretty rad doll and I felt the need to share :)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I've hearted her shop. I've just had a skim through your blog and you have really fantastic taste!

fluffnflowers said...

That'd be the most detailed voodoo doll ever! 'Ohh! The left lobe of my liver...aaargh!'

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the poster above. You could get really specific with this as a voodoo doll. "Hmmm.. I think I want Johnny's spleen to start acting up..."

sMacThoughts said...

Now that is unique!

ixela said...

Stunning find!!!... so cute!